This is a very new gemstone, a magnificent and beautiful material
with a color that is referred to as “fluorescent” blue.

There is just one reason why Paraíba tourmaline, new on the scene and with unstable production, is included in this book-its rare and unmatched beauty. The state of Paraíba in the northeastern corner of Brazil, far away from any other tourmaline mines, is the sole source of this unusual tourmaline. The material was mined in earnest during one year, 1989, from a hill near the village of Sao Jose da Batalha. Unfortunately, there is no significant current production.

Paraíba tourmaline occurs in extremely vivid blue and green colors that have not been seen previously in tourmaline. These colors are due the presence of copper impurities. The Paraíba tourmaline in the photograph to the next page is one of gem quality with a turquoise-blue color. The cut is somewhat shallow, and some inclusions can be seen, but its hue is very beautiful.

On a personal note, my mother, who for years had been exposed to the gemstones my father dealt with, purchased a ring of five small, round Paraíba tourmalines. Enchanted with the beauty of their color, even now she wears them quite regularly. The appeal of Paraíba tourmaline far exceeds that of other gems, to the point where they are desired even by people who are accustomed to seeing various gemstones. Their neon-like blue brilliance is distinctive, brimming over with a powerful beauty.

The tone of Paraíba tourmaline is generally fixed at around level 4, with fine brilliance in spite of its light tone. Of course, tone may vary in tone depending on whether their cut is deep or shallow.

According to reports from the Pariba deposit, the mine is about 60 meters deep, and the interior is said to be maze-like, consisting of a number of shafts from which a multitude of tunnels have been dug. It appears that mining will continue, using arduous methods of careful hand digging to discover new deposits. We wish the miners success.

Ring, Platinum
Paraíba Tourmaline 6 pc
1.87 ct
Diamond 4 pc
0.68 ct
US $9,500