This aquamarine is totally different from materials such as glass or
synthetic stones, which can be prepared in virtually unlimited qualities.

Natural beauty that can be used to adorn oneself--- that is jewelry. Gemstones are beautiful in and of themselves, but the task of transferring that beauty to jewelry can be surprisingly difficult. This ring is a modern style of jewelry that achieves a harmony between the characteristically refreshing beauty of aquamarine and a simple white precious metal.

Besides aquamarine, this style is also made with various colored stones such as amethyst, citrine, and peridot, or with yellow gold as the precious metal. Though this ring is among the least expensive pieces to appear in this book, it is totally different from items containing glass or synthetic stones, which can be produced in factories in quantities of tens of thousands. Even in this size, each gemstone is unique, and gathering large quantities of the same tone level and degree of beauty is not possible. The fact that identical pieces are rarely seen is a characteristic of jewelry, and is also a large part of its appeal.

This ring is made in the same style as Cartier’s “Tank” watch. Without embellishing the surrounding area with small diamonds, this ring’s bold character concentrates on the beauty of the colored stone. It is a very reasonable style in these times when precious metal adornments set with tiny diamonds are commonly being sold at high prices. When purchasing jewelry, one should be discerning and choose pieces that are truly satisfying, without being swayed by trends. Draw the line between jewelry and simple accessories that are purchased just to be enjoyed for the time being. The photograph below shows a pendant with a diamond that is bezel set in a ball of gold. This is a new style, and only time will tell whether it is a success or failure. Yet it has an admirable sense of enthusiasm, taking on the challenge of creating something new without fear of failure. The origin of individuality lies in pieces like this.

18K Yellow Gold
Size (mm):
L390 x W7.9 x H7.9