A bouquet of colorless, orange, and yellow diamonds.

This brooch, a flower basket of gemstones, looks as though a handful of the most beautiful flowers were carefully chosen and arranged to create a small flower garden. Four flowers, each made of six diamonds measuring three to four millimeters, are surrounded by six flowers of single yellow and orange pear-shaped diamonds, all arranged to create a well-balanced basket of flowers. Small inlaid diamonds make up the basket, completing this very realistic illusion of a flower basket.

The yellow diamond brooch in the photograph is the second piece created in this style, the first one being made entirely of colorless diamonds. This combination of colorless, yellow, and orange diamonds can never be exactly duplicated, because the same selection of yellow and orange pears and marquise with these exact outlines and colors does not exist. If you want to enjoy a piece of jewelry with unique character, it would also be possible to make a one-of-a-kind flower basket by combining colorless diamonds with emeralds of fancy-color sapphires.

Looking at the brooch from the back, one notices details such as a support to make the brooch lie flat, and how the handle of the basket is made so that it appears just right when viewed from the front. Viewing from the back also impresses one with how three-dimensional the construction of the piece is. Jewelry with a solid style that is painstakingly fabricated using carefully selected materials will maintain its appeal, even after it has been passed on to the next generation.

Notice the way the pear-shaped diamonds are set in the close-up photograph below. Yellow gold is used to set the yellow diamonds. Instead of completely surrounding the gemstones, the metalwork leaves the upper portion of the pear shapes open. It gives the appearance that something precious is being securely held in place by a pair of hands. Minute details of design such as this add to the exquisite style of this flower basket.

Uyeda Jeweller
900 Platinum /
18K Yellow Gold
Size (mm):L41 x W31 x H13