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Buying Rubies and Sapphires

SUWA Classic Jewelry uses rare, high-quality gemstone components that are procured at the source where they are polished and produced.

Here we introduce the local buying process for high-end rubies and sapphires that are required for SUWA to create beautiful jewelry.

  • Vol. 4 – Round-cut Rubies

    Vol. 4 – Round-cut Rubies
    will be uploaded in April 2018
  • Vol. 5 – Oval-cut Rubies

    Vol. 5 – Oval-cut Rubies
    will be uploaded in June 2018
  • Vol. 6 – Baguette-cut Rubies

    Vol. 6 – Baguette-cut Rubies
    will be uploaded in August 2018

Bringing out the Beauty of Gemstones

SUWA Classic Jewelry brings out the maximum potential of small gemstones by combining the hidden beauty of their color, shape, and size.

Presented here is a “Choosing Matching Gemstones” video that explains how this beauty is brought out in one of SUWA’s popular jewelry models.